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We create user centric wireless lighting controls, that allow for individual user settings.

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Our control system creates 

Verified green systems using our IoT hardware, software and blockchain.

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Customers willing to offset their Carbon footprint can do so with our Creol Carbon subscription.

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Wireless lighting controls

Our wireless lighting controls are based on three pillars

Our ecosystem

Why do we do what we do?


User Centric

Creol Control automatically addresses and sets up the system ready for users to customise the lighting to their own individual preferences.

Security by default

Our system uses Thread, an open source self-healing mesh wireless protocol. Thread provides security at the network layer.

Low upfront capital costs

Less hardware is needed for a Creol system than conventional wireless systems. Our IoT wireless Thred Leader hardware can control up to 64 DALI devices.



9 Gigatonnes

In 2016 the global energy consumption of existing buildings was the equivalent of 9 Gigatonnes of Co2.


Source: Exponential Climate Action Roadmap Report published 13 September 2018 by Global Climate Action Summit.  


x 4

To illustrate this problem, this carbon impact is four times greater than the annual emissions of the aviation industry.


x 2

This figure is set to double by 2050.

Source: Exponential Climate Action Roadmap Report published 13 September 2018 by Global Climate Action Summit.  



Creol   buildings are

Green, verified


Creol uses IoT hardware and software that monitors your building system using blockchain to create a completely verified system    

With our mobile dApp, our building controls allow for proactive and live user centric decision making to manage your personal comfort levels, energy usage and carbon footprint to help you better your buildings.


By enabling verified data in our system, tenants who want a green building no longer have to base decisions on reputation and trust.

Combining blockchain and IoT, we provide accountability and verification.

Why do we do what we do? 



Global change

Our system uses accredited schemes to fund green and carbon reducing projects around the world in countries that can least afford it, to drive the renewable, clean air and carbon capture change needed to stop climate change.


Buildings with a Creol system installed create an environmental benefit by supporting projects that remove more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than the buildings produce, making them Carbon Positive.

We can provide a truly transparent eco-system for managing and offsetting carbon, so when you say your building is green, you can prove it.

Why do we do what we do? 


30% more rental income

Clients using our system can achieve energy savings and up to 30% additional rental income per annum.

Making Creol beneficial for people and for the planet.

For more information or a live demonstration, please contact us.

Meet The Team

Kristian Krogh



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Kristian is a serial  entrepreneur 

within the lighting industry.

His passion is exploring the boundaries of his field with clients around the globe. Working in the built environment for the last 15 years, he has grown several successful companies.

Joshua Bijak



  • LinkedIn - White Circle

Joshua worked in electrical engineering R&D for the past 4 years building and designing many different hardware IoT solutions and blockchain products. His background is in applied mathematics, computation engineering and as an innovator in blockchain.

Kalin Stoyanchev



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Kalin was the RNDR token Project Lead and Head of Blockchain at OTOY Inc. He has a Finance and International Affairs degree and has held positions at Credit Suisse & Wellington Management.


Advisory board

Mark Paul


Lighting Design Collective

  • LinkedIn - White Circle

Mark leads the Lighting Design Collective team with an annual specification authority of over £10M. This award winning project delivery company works across the globe. 

Matteo Reggiani


Reggiani Spa Illuminazione

  • LinkedIn - White Circle

Reggiani was established in 1957 With an annual global turnover in excess of €35M.

Reggiani has a widespread distribution in 80 Countries worldwide and its offices in Italy, USA, UK, China.

Mark Thorley

BIM Expert

  • LinkedIn - White Circle

Mark is passionate about computer science and its application in the field of Architecture and Construction. He has worked alongside some of the leading organisations in the building industry to design strategies and software. His first startup, Designtech, was acquired by an American consultancy. 

David Flynn

BIM Expert

  • LinkedIn - White Circle

David has held BIM roles at the likes of ALA, KPF and then Grimshaw Architects as their Global Head of BIM. He co-founded designtech, a BIM consultancy with Mark Thorley that specialised in computational processes for the built environment. designtech, was last year acquired by an American consultancy.   

Contact Us

Creol®  Ltd, a private limited company registered in England and Wales Company No. 11565156  - registered office: 37 Warren Street, London W1T 6AD